Quarrel on Cairnor!

After being raided on their home continent Agoria for close to a decade, the Dragonheart Humans, Ironbourne Dwarves, and The Elven Order of Aldur formed The Crimson Union to fight back against the orcs. With this newly formed alliance, the orc menace was eventually driven out of Agoria and back to an unknown continent thought to be the orc mainland.

After landing on this new continent, Cairnor as the orcs called it, The Crimson Union claimed footholds in different regions of the land. Dragonheart established the military city of Grey’s Landing on the western coast. The Ironbourne claimed the dormant volcano Hyrnjall and carved themselves a beautiful stone city within. The Order of Aldur, being curios Elves chose to construct their city; Eldramiir, on the ruins of an ancient civilization.

It’s been 5 years since the invasion of Grey’s Landing. Families, adventurers and merchants alike are starting to travel across the sea from Agoria to Cairnor in hopes of new lives, gold and adventure. This is where our story begins.